Simple Monitor Website File Changes Service

Get Notified when someone uploads/deletes/modifies a file or folder on your website.

We takes a snapshot of your websites contents, and then regularly monitors the files (size and timestamp) for unauthorized changes, deletions or additions. If any of these events occur you will be the first to know!

Monitor my website filesystem

Keep an eye on my website filesystem and send me an alert of any change
  • 10 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • half-hour
  • hour
  • two hour
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Upload and verify

Upload the monitoring file to your website
  • 1. Download this monitoring file.
  • 2. Upload the file to
  • 3. Confirm successful upload by visiting in your browser.
  • 4. Click Verify below.

To stay monitored, don't remove the PHP file, even after verification succeeds.


The monitoring is on!

We sent to your E-mail an activation link. Follow that link to activate your account and choose a password. If you don't receive any email check in spam.



To be notified in case someone uploads, deletes or modifies any file on your website

Especially when more people have access to the same site it is good to know what is being done. If things stop working, and half an hour before someone has modified a file on your site, in all probability events are connected. Knowing this allows you to save time to figure out what happened.

To know if your website has been infected with malicious code like shell, backdoor, etc.

Google takes very seriusly website security, in fact, if it identifies that a site has been hacked or contains malicious code, immediately removes it from the search results. Only after you fix the security issues and ask for a review your website come back in search results. Typically before Google finds out that your site has been compromised elapse a few days. Knowing that someone uploaded a malware on your website in realtime is definitely better than Google or clients finding out before you do.

To know where to look in case your website get compromised

When an attacker or an automatic bot is able to break into your website tipically first of all upload a shell script. The script allows the attacker at a later time, maybe even a week away, to load other malicious code and start its malicious activity. By analyzing the access log it is difficult to trace all the activities that have been made. For this reason it is important to immediately be notified of any file that get uploaded on your web hosting filesystem.

To protect your website from 0-day exploit

Even if you keep your website updated, it happens sometimes that attackers find vulnerabilities in the software you use (eg. CMS) even before there is a security fix available. Knowing that someone monitors the web site filesystem even when you sleep allows you to stem the possible threats to which your site is exposed.

Why “Monitor Website File” ?

You do not have to install anything

You download a PHP monitoring file, upload it on your website and we'll take care of everything.

You can choose how often your website will be analyzed

We can monitor your website every 10 minutes, every 20 minutes, every half hour, every hour or every two hours.

We give you 1'500 free credits to try our service

To try our service we give you 1'500 free credits. After you consume the free credits you can choose to buy new credit or give up. The pricing model is fair. Every time we check your website we consume 1 credit. You only pay for what you use, request by request. 1 credit = 1 request. There is no commitment and no fee.

You can choose the files to check

You can choose to scan all files or only those with a specific extension (eg. * .php). Furthermore you can exclude some directories or some files patterns from the monitoring.

Compatible with any Windows or Linux PHP hosting

No matter if your site is hosted on triple A hosting or on a cheap hosting. The minimum requirements are very low (PHP 5.3.3 or greater, Zlib and OpenSSL support).

Secure data transfer even for non HTTPS websites

The monitoring file we give you to upload on your web space, once called by our server, behaves as follow. First verify that the request key is the same in his possession (unique for each monitoring file). If OK, send the list of all the files on the disk (name, modification timestamp and size) to the calling server. The data is sent compressed and encrypted (AES CBC) with an encryption key (which is also unique for each monitoring file).